Omnipollo Selassie

Info: Imperial Stout, Stockholm, Sweden, ABV11, tasted on 25/11/17, 330 ml bottle. Presumably named after Ethiopian emperor and Rastafari God incarnate Haile Sellasie and why might you ask does it have this name? Well, likely because it contains Ethiopian coffee, it also contains vanilla beans. The picture on the label I’m not so sure about but… Continue reading Omnipollo Selassie

Dresden Pilsner

Info: German Pilsner, Breda, Netherlands, ABV5.1, tasted on 21/11/17, best by 28/9/18, 500ml can There ain’t much information about this beer from United Dutch Breweries. It’s one of those random beers from a supermarket that has practically no internet presence at all. The beers I’ve had previously by UDB have generally been pretty low budget… Continue reading Dresden Pilsner

Founders Porter

Info: Porter, Grand Rapids, Michigan USA, ABV6.5, IBU45, tasted on 20/11/17, bottled on 11/08/17, 355ml bottle. I haven’t been disappointed by Founders’ beers so far and this, their porter, is rated the fourth best porter by RateBeer, so it better be bloody good. It looks handsome in the glass; a deep dark brown with a healthy… Continue reading Founders Porter

BrewDog 5AM Saint

Info: Amber Ale, Ellon, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, ABV5, IBU35, tasted on 18/11/17, best by 30/04/18 , 330ml bottle. I remember when Brewdog first came to Chile many years ago, I was so happy and thrilled; they were in Jumbo and various other bars and restaurants and it was great having their fine beers here and available but… Continue reading BrewDog 5AM Saint